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the weeks ahead, i look forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about how to move forward. >> president obama looking ahead hours after his victory speech. also looking for -- virginia's new senator. >> now is the hard work. it's time for all of us to come together. >> in maryland, casino supporters celebrating a big
11:01 am
victory this morning. >> good morning and welcome to news 4 midday. i'm keith russell. >> i'm barbara harrison. it's wednesday, november 7th, 2012. we begin with morning with the latest post election headlines. fresh off the big win, president obama celebrating his victory. the president and the rest of the first family head back to d.c. this afternoon. tim kaine defeated george allen in the senate race. he will discuss the win in richmond at noon. maryland voters passed all three ballot measures allowing the expansion of gamble, same-sex marriage and undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition. we'll have more on the election results. first, the latest on a storm headed in our direction. >> at this hour, rain has not started to fall in the metro area. that will change. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with the
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forecast. >> a lot of clouds. there's capitol hill. looking at storm team 4 radar, we don't have anything falling. there's heavy snowfalling across southern new jersey. that is moving toward the west coming from a coastal area of low pressure that's been deepening this morning off the maryland and delaware coast. this area of snow is now moving in the northern delaware. that may crank back down and come into perhaps baltimore, northeastern maryland during the afternoon hours. right now, a few swprinkles across maryland. road temperatures are above freezing. any snow that falls will melt on roadways. right now, we have a winter weather advisory. the colors in lavender in maryland, we have a winter storm warning in northern delaware and new jersey and the philadelphia area. they could get four to five
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inches of wet snow from the system up that way. i'll show you the latest on where we are going get our snow and how much. it's coming up in a couple minutes along with the seven day outlook. >> thank you, tom. >> we have breaking news from wall street. the dow is down 400 points. cnbc is saying the slide is triggered by worries of the looming fiscal cliff. now the election has been decided. fears of the european economy emerged. we have a live report from cnbc coming up later in the newscast. this morning, president barack obama is celebrating a close but decisive victory over former massachusetts govnor mitt romney. winning the white house for a second term. news of the victory brought big celebrations to obama's watch party in chicago. [ cheers and applause ] >> the crowd went wild when the president arrived to thank
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supporters after an expensive and intense race. the president seemed to put it behind him and talked about the years that lie ahead. >> you elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours. in the coming weeks and months, i amooking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties. to meet the challenges we can only solve together. in this election, you, the american people, reminded us that while our world has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back and we know, in our hearts that for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> the president also said in the coming weeks he planned to reach out to romney because he realized more than ever this country needs to work together. >> here is how the electoral map
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stands right now. president obama has 303 electoral votes to romney's 206. florida's 29 electoral votes are in doubt. the race remains too close to call. the president has a slight lead at the moment. the president managed to win in just about every swing state including colorado, wisconsin, the all important ohio as well as virginia. in fact, when it was over, the president managed 62,000 more votes than romney in virginia. in the end, virginia wasn't the deciding factor in the election as many predicted. experts deciding obama won in the commonwealth long after romney conceded. >> after a hard fought race, mitt romney called president obama around 12:30 this morning to concede. about a half hour later, with his family behind him and thousands of supporters in front of him in boston, romney cong t congratulated the president in
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public. he wants to find common grounds on areas congress disagreed like the deficit and budget cuts. accepting the loss, romney urged supporters to go ahead and look for new solutions. >> the nation is at a critical point. at a time like this, we can't risk partisan bickering and political posturing. leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work. we citizens have to rise in the occasion. >> this election ends romney's nearly six-year run for the presidency. he ran unsuccessfully for the nomination in 2008. there was speculation the candidates could split the electoral and popular vote. 12 hours after president obama won his second term, it's clear that he has both firmly in hanld. here is a look at the popular vote with 98% of precincts reporting. the president 60 million votes, romney 57 million. percentage wise, it gives the
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president a 50-48 advantage. democrats are claiming a big win in virginia. tom cane beat george allen in the race for senate. kaine won by 6% in a hotly contested race. he told matt lauer on the "today" show they will work together in the new congress when it comes to proten shl crises like the fiscal cliff. >> look, i think these folks have been in this line of work for awhile. there's going to be tender feelings. at the end of the day, we have to put the country first. nobody wants to see this fiscal cliff without a deal because the cuts are severe and the tax increases are severe. we have to find a path forward. >> kaine will succeed webb. allen told supporters he's proud of the campaign he ran. >> this campaign was not for us. this campaign was for the people of virginia. the people of virginia remain in
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our hearts. the people of virginia, until my dying breath will have my eternal gratitude for the honor and responsibility of not just serving, but also being the one who got into the arena. >> focus was the single most expensive senate race this year. more than $82 million was spent. the state of maryland was in the spotlight making history in the case of same-sex marriage. voters upheld the amendment 52-48. it's the first time this issue has been put to a vote and passed in the united states. the general assembly passed it earlier this year. opponents gathered enough signatures to put it on the ballot. governor martin o'malley said the state must come together to provide equal rights for everyone. >> we are one. our cause is one. we must help each other if we are to succeed. >> the amendment will take effect january 1st of next year.
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overall, a good night for supporters of same-sex marriage. maine passed a similar measure. the state of washington is counting votes for their own amendment. the only state that blocked a ban on same-sex marriage was minnesota. you will soon be able to experience las vegas without leaving the area. voters passed a measure to bring table game tosca see knows. it paves the way to a casino. tony tull is live with more for us now. tony? >> reporter: good morning. over the last couple days, i spent a lot of time in prince george's county, especially yesterday talking to folks about question 7. there was no way to tell which way it was going to go. it has passed. the empty lot behind me is the sight of maryland's sixth casino. one of the hottest topics was at the poll.
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residents of prince george's county voted 59 to 41 in favor of seven. >> with it young and new and having been built in a recession, it's kind of exciting to see what it could bring. >> reporter: with the passing of 7, maryland voters signed off to build the sixth casino here in prince george's keown. it will bring revenue to many needed aspects to the budget. >> the money is going toward education. it's going to build fifth through ten. health care. and jobs. and jobs and jobs. >> reporter: it was one of the most expensive questions to hit the ballot. $90 million was spent by both sides. specifically, $40 million spent by mgm. $800 million casino with the help of a builder. >> we need the tax revenue. we need the economic base. we need the jobs.
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we need prosperity. you, then, came through. ground troops came through and made it happen tonight. thank you. >> supporters of the casino won't hit the roulette wheel anytime soon. it won't open until 2016. >> you want to see it. >> more things for people to do is always great for this area. >> reporter: the passing of question 7 wasn't a landslide. those opposed will still continue to voice their displeasure. >> morally, i'm not happy with it. you know, gambling to me is going to bring more crime into the area. >> reporter: barbara, i want to give the viewers perspective of where this lot is. when you think national harbor, you think condos and shops. as you can see, we are going pan off. the condos are off in the distance. the lot is actually up the road some.
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visitors, when they hit the restaurants and hotels and waterfront, they will have to travel up the road a bit. again, it's supposed to take place in 2016. tony tull, news 4. >> thank you, tony. undocumented students in maryland are celebrating a big win. they approved question 4 allowing them to pay in-state tuition at public colleges. it's their version of the dream act. they must attend a maryland high school for three years. their parents must show they filed state income taxes during that time. maryland is the first state to approve this measure by popular vote. 12 minutes after 11:00 is the time. coming up, the balance of power in washington. did the election change which party will control the house and senate? >> plus, a look at election results in d.c. who voters
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hundreds of people celebrated president barack obama's re-election in the streets of d.c. they blocked traffic of northwest. police had to shut down the street. it's since reopened, however. the president will have another shot of working with a divided congress in the next four years. the balance of power remains primarily unchanged. democrats retain control of the senate with 51 seats. republicans have 45 independents, too. races in montana and north dakota are still undecided. republicans retain control of the house. they hold 231 seats, the democrats 191. as of right now, 13 races are still considered undecided.
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speaker of the house, john boehner is ready to get back to work. >> by having been trusted by the american people with the responsibility of leading the people's house. we'll never take it for granted and we will never let you down. >> this afternoon, he'll address what both parties need to do to avoid the fiscal lif and tax hikes set to take effect january 1st. no surprise, d.c. voters elected phil mendelson. he won the special election with 72% of the vote. mendelson, an at large counc councilmember filled in for five months. he took over as chairman after kwame brown pleaded guilty of theft and resigned in june. there will be a special election to fill mendelson's old seat on the council. michael brown lost his seat
11:18 am
on the d.c. council. an independent won. derrick ward spoke with him. he joins us live in northeast d.c. >> how are you, keith? we are in northeast. this is a neighborhood where dave lives. he will become the newest member of the d.c. council after being elected last night. in being elected, he unseated incumbent michael brown, an independent who already conceded his personal financial problems didn't help his chances of being reele reelected. as voters, look at the voting record. he was able to strike a resident cord with voters in the district. those who are reform minded. he now joins the council and the government who has their own share of issues, past and present. we spoke with him about how he feels he fits into the whole
11:19 am
scheme of things. >> i think the people of the district of columbia feel they are engaged. if they can have a say in where we are going go. electing me makes that statement. also, the vote on the amendment says the same thing. it's all tied together and they want to move forward when it comes to who our politicians are and how we are going govern our city. >> he is not a complete newcomer to d.c. politics. he's worked in the office of former councilwoman and d.c.s representative on capitol hill. he has a unique prer specktive from the hill. we are live in northeast, derrick ward. >> thank you. changes in the d.c. council and changes coming up in the weather as well. >> yeah, a lot of us are glad to have the election behind us now. we have something in front of us that is scary at least for the folks north of us. >> not here. we are not going to have
11:20 am
problems here locally except maybe a few wet snow flakes. i'll sort it out for you. take a look outside right now. a cloudy sky over capitol hill. it's humid, damp. the winds up to 10 to 15 to 20 miles per hour in the last couple hours. they may increase in the afternoon. it's much farther to the north and east where there could be accumulating snow later today. right now, 45 at reagan national. the dew point is 28. once precipitation falls, the atmosphere is going to really cool and we'll have some of the wet snow developing here later this afternoon. the wind out of the north at 15. gusts up around 20 or so. they are coming from the coastal storm we have been advertising the last couple days. it's ea rlty now. deeper low pressure east of ocean city, 100 miles off the coast, the center of circulation. it's a wide area.
11:21 am
it's snowing from massachusetts into connecticut and areas north of new york city. moderate snow is falling in parts of new jersey. it looks like the moisture cranked inland. we could have the moisture make it to the metro area. not a lot of it. not much in the way of problems for us. here in northeastern maryland there could be as well as northern delaware. the philadelphia area could get quite a bit of snow out of it. we'll keep you informed about that in the afternoon hours. doug and veronica will be here. we'll have special updates to watch the progress of the storm. the temperatures are well above freezing. low to mid-40s. the road temperatures right now around 40 degrees, so that is really a mitigating factor for precipitation that falls. a winter weather advisory for northeastern maryland. a winter storm warning for northern delaware, new jersey and philadelphia where they could get four, five, six inches
11:22 am
of wet snow later today. for us, i don't think it's going to happen. hour-by-hour, might have a few flakes falling by 2:00. late afternoon and the evening hours, 6:00, 9:00, 10:00, occasional periods of wet snow off and on that might accumulate on grassy areas. all melting on roadways, above freezing. sunsets at 5:01. lingering flurries around midnight and a dusting in this area here around the metro area. at the most, on grassy areas. flakes falling. ramping it up quickly, from baltimore to northeastern maryland and the eastern parts of pennsylvania they could get more snow on grassy areas. not here. just a little bit of wet snow this afternoon and evening. the wind is picking up to 30 miles per hour. we drop from the 40s to the 30s. above freezing. we'll bottom out to the low 30s
11:23 am
tomorrow morning. a blustery wind thursday. highs reaching near 50 with sunshine back. a delightful pattern for the weekend. might hit mid-60s sunday afternoon. for veterans day observed on monday, this mild pattern continues and dry weather. maybe showers on tuesday. stay tuned. we'll be here this afternoon. doug and veronica with the latest update. >> thank you, tom. >> all right. >> out to the roads, let's see how things are moving out there. >> so far so good? >> not bad at all. if you are heading out of the house, minor things. the inner loop of the beltway, an accident in the right shoulder lane. travel lanes are open and you are clear as you head toward the dulles toll road. 59 miles per hour. 14 minutes to make the trip. let's head to the beltway. closer to georgetown pike, construction is blocking the right lane. back to you. >> thank you. it's 11:23.
11:24 am
still ahead on news 4 midday, emotions are running high this morning after a close election. how to deal with election anger. why on a night belonging to president obama did secretary of state hillary clinton become a trimming topic on twitter? i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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now that the election is behind us, it's time to plan for the inauguration. january 20th, inauguration day is a sunday. the ceremony is pushed back to monday, the 21st. the museum is offering a special package for $100, you can watch the actual inauguration on a giant screen before getting a great view of a parade. the packages go on sale for
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members tomorrow morning at 9:00. they go on sale to the general public a week from tomorrow. election day is barely over and people are talking the next presidential election. hillary, 2016 was trending on twitter early this morning a few minutes after mitt romney completed. the secretary of state is asked if she might consider another bid for the white house. she lost in 2008. the former first lady says she does not plan to stay on as secretary of state in obama's second term. 11:28. coming up, we saw the long lines of people who showed up yesterday to vote. but, today, we are getting a better idea of who voted for who. we'll have the breakdown for you. plus, how soon same-sex couples can get married in maryland. reaction on that history making vote. tom kierein continues to track rain and snow headed this
11:29 am
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president obama is celebrating his re-election victory this morning. that celebration won't last long. >> you, the american people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up. we have fought our way back. and we know, in our hearts that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. >> the president and the rest of the first family return to washington from chicago later today. the president says he would like to meet with mitt romney to discuss how they can work together to take on the issues facing this country. the results of the election came in faster and earlier than we expected last night. the key to that surprise may lie in who voted yesterday.
11:33 am
news 4 melissa mollet is at the super screen with a look at the interesting details of the exit polls. >> yes, president obama won le election. look at how he won. 55% of voting women voted for the president. overall, voters stuck to their party lines more this year than four years ago. obama won more democrats than he did in 2008. romney won more republicans than mccain did that year as well. the economy was still king at the polls. 59% of voters named it as the top issue. romney was out of touch with the middle class and would favor the rich. look here, this election, 71% of hispanics voted for the president. compare it with 67% back in 2008. then look at african-americans, 93% this election cycle, 95% in 2008. as for whites, 40% picked barack obama. 43% back in 2008. despite the long lines across the country, overall voter
11:34 am
turnout went down this year. >> the obama team did what they had to do. they would look a certain way, considerably more diverse and could get the voters out despite the fact voters were not as fired up about the president four years on. >> in some states, tunout down 14%. the reason, a nasty race that could have turned some voters off. tighter regulations and super storm sandy. at the super screen, melissa mollet, news 4. president obama is giving former president bill clinton special praise for helping him get reelected. clinton is the first person he called after receiving the concession cal from romney. he was one of president obama's biggest supporters on the campaign trail. his speech during the democratic national convention was one of
11:35 am
the highlights of the campaign. one of this election's biggest votes didn't allow candidates, it was same-sex marriage. megan mcgrath has more from takoma park. >> reporter: for months we have seen the signs and tv ads involving question 6 which legalizes same-sex marriage in maryland. as the election results came in, gay and lesbian couples watched closely. among them, bonnie. >> for them, the package of question 6, the civil protection marriage act is a victory for their relationship of seven years. >> i burst out crying, of course. just absolutely thrilled, delighted. >> proud to be a marylander. >> two reverends are not only committed to each other, they
11:36 am
have held hundreds of other same-sex couples commit to their partners. both are ministers. now they look forward to their own marriage in maryland. >> she actually got on her knee and proposed. so, yes, that's in the future. >> reporter: like many around the state, they watched the election results with keen interest. as passage became clear, reverend berger got calls and e-mails from people in the district who wanted to take their vows in their home state. >> as we followed it they said we got married in d.c. now can we get married in maryland. >> reporter: she's proud the answer is now yes in maryland. >> it opens my heart. it just says hooray. hooray for people who went beyond their own comfort zone to
11:37 am
realize when somebody is not free, none of us are free. >> reporter: she performs the first same-sex marriage in front of the d.c. courthouse on the first day it became legal. she's looking forward to doing the same in maryland on january 1st. in takoma park, megan mcgrath, news 4. stay here with news 4 for much more on this election throughout the day. log on to when ever you want for the latest on the local and national races. the election is not the only story we are following now. a situation that could go from bad to worse. a coastal storm headed to parts of the country cleaning up after hurricane sandy. snow and high winds could pose big problems for the area especially for people who don't have power of heat in their homes. people are warned to keep a close eye on the tide. i have a feeling it's gotten too cold outside for tom. he's inside right now. tom? >> yes, he is.
11:38 am
who is seeing rain right now? >> the eastern shore is getting rain. along the jersey shore. inland, it is changed over to snow in many locations in jersey, eastern pennsylvania and up north of new york city in connecticut and new england. a little bit of wet snow. it's all rain. these areas in yellow, orange and red off the atlantic sea board off the mouth of the delaware bay. this is rotating around center of circulation from the coastal storm system tracking to the north and northeast and heading toward cape cod and eastern parts of new england by late tonight and tomorrow morning. by then, we dry out. between now and then, the moisture is going to crank inland. as it does, it may, as it comes down close and north of washington, change over to wet snow as we get into the afternoon hours. the mitigating factor, the temperatures are well above freezing. low and mid-40s. it keeps road temperatures above
11:39 am
freezing. we'll melt on roads and accumulate a little bit on some of the grassy areas. maybe a dusting at the most around washington. otherwise, a few flurries. the heavier amounts north and east maryland. the sun comes back tomorrow. a wonderful warming trend as we get toward the weekend. sunshine might get to the low 60s saturday, sunday and monday. back to you. >> don't need the shovel? >> no. >> thank you. we're going to check on the midday traffic. >> any changes out there? >> i'm watching the delays approaching georgetown pike. it's going to block the right lane for you. once you get by the work zone, things look nice around the beltway. head to 66 inside the beltway. also outside the beltway on i-66, no issues to report. no accidents or delays. along 29, local roads in maryland, nice and clear, northbound and southbound. no issues as you make your way
11:40 am
toward the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. any presidential election here in the u.s. gets the attention of the rest of the world. it didn't take long for news of the president's re-election victory to spread causing leaders from around the world to send their congratulations. >> i would like to congratulate barack obama on his re-election. i have enjoyed working with him. i look forward to working with him over the next four years. there's so many things we need to do. >> some people in london stayed up until dawn to watch the results come in. many parties in the streets when president barack obama was projected the winner. if europe voted, obama would have gotten 80% of the vote. >> there were celebrations in one small african village. this is the reaction where president obama's late father was born. people there stayed up all night waiting for a winner to be declared. the president's step
11:41 am
grandmother, sara obama kept a close eye on the race. she helps orphans and the poor in kenya. >> things don't always turn out the way you think they are going to. >> as many analysts thought, controversial comments doomed the campaign of two candidates. republican richard mourdock lost his shot at the seat. both were criticized by their own party after they made controversial comments about rape and pregnancy. >> after a major upset in 2010, scott brown is out. democrat elizabeth warren has his seat. warren who served as a special assistant to the president. the first female to serve as a senator from the state of massachusetts. >> there was no surprise in maryland's senate race. ben was easily reelected. he received twice as many votes
11:42 am
as his opponent. he says the next congress' top priority should be getting the budget deal passed. maryland democrats picked up a seat in the house of representatives in the 6th district. that district's lines were redrawn to include a large swath of democrats. no surprise in the house races. incumbents all won re-election. 11 of the representatives in congress are republican. it's 11:42. still ahead, the election night picture that grabbed the attention of millions. now to handle election anger when the
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
a big post election drop on
11:46 am
wall street. we are going check in with julia. she joins us with that and the rest of the day's business headlines. julia? >> hello to you, barbara. stocks are trading lower in the wake of president obama's re-election. tension turns to the worries of the fiscal cliff and the economic problems in europe. right now, the dow is trading off more than 300 points. the nasdaq is lower by 2.5%. about 75 points. the s&p 500 is down by about 35 points. rating agency says obama needs to move quickly to avoid the fiscal cliff. failure would result in a downgrade in 2013. european shares are moving lower after a european central bank president says economic activity in the area is expected to stay weak.
11:47 am
the slowdown may have reached germa germany. greece is expected to vote on austerity measures. we also had economic news today. weekly mortgage applications declined. the problem was hurricane sandy as it slammed the east coast and slowed down all activity there. today, we heard earnings reports from a number of companies. time warner, kraft and macy's had stronger than expected results and trading higher. back to you. >> thank you. now the election results are in you find yourself way up here or way down there. maybe even angry. we talk about the dangers of anger. good morning. >> good morning, keith. >> we saw the video of a lot of long faces of romney supporters before, during and after his concession speech. how can you tell if someone has
11:48 am
a problem with anger when it comes to someone they were emotionally attached to. in this case, the supporters for mitt romney? >> it's hard for a lot of people. they have invested their time, their money, a lot of energy into these elections. when you don't get what you want, it's hard for a lot of people and they get angry. i think the key is whether the anger is spilling out in other areas of their life. it's normal to be disappointed if you don't get the result you want. if you are so angry that you are talking of doing thing that is are aggressive or spilling out into the workplace or home place, that's when you might want to look into the mirror and say i'm going too far. >> people can actually lose control of their behavior when what they are rooting for and invested in doesn't come to fruition. >> i would say they might have a hard time controlling their anger and their emotions. i really don't believe that
11:49 am
people lose control of their behavior. i think people will say that as a way to push off their own responsibility for their behavior. i think people need to recognize, yes, i might be angry. i'm going to control how i exhibit and express my frustration and anger. >> for the people walking around somber and moody, how do you tell people to deal with that type of person? >> well, i think, for the most part, you need to give people time. a lot of people really upset today, in a few days, it's goi diminish and it's going to be fine. i don't think it's in anyone's best interest to convince somebody they shouldn't be angry or upset about the election results regardless of who the winner was. 50% of the country was going to be disappointed. nobody likes being told hey, there's no reason for you to be angry. people who are angry and upset believe in the reasons they are
11:50 am
angry and upset. give them time and focus on the fact hey, if you are upset about that, channel that anger into some action. >> some people channel that anger, the people that are angry, channel it into social media, facebook and twitter and the post that is come out. should you ignore the angry posts or respond? >> i think you have to think about your objective. if you read an angry post and feel you want to convince that person who posted it that they are crazy or wrong, you can respond. a likelihood of your response having any impact on that person who made the post in the first place is zero. when people believe so firmly in something, all the arguing does is make them more firmly rooted in what they believe. >> can you, in your medical profession expertise blame any of these anger issues on medical or emotional problems?
11:51 am
>> there are some anger problem that is result from depression. some people with bipolar disorder and adhd are prone to anger problems. with things like this, i don't think somebody who is angry out there, you need to say you are angry. the reason is you are depressed or bipolar. that is way over the top and unreasonable. >> if people have to attend anger management courses, what should they take away? >> you are learning about how to manage your anger. obviously, recognizing the triggers for your anger, learning coping mechanisms and how to be assertive and getting what you want and expressing frustration rather than being angry. >> doctor joshua with tips on how not to let it control you and handle it with grace and keep on moving. >> exactly. >> thanks for stopping by. the time is 11:51. coming up, the president's message to his wife and
11:52 am
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the president and first lady share some of their re-election excitement with people on
11:55 am
twitter and facebook. president obama tweeted this picture along with the caption four more years moments after many networks projected his victory. the picture was liked on facebook more than 3 million times and retweeted more than half a million times. it's his most retweeted tweet. every newspaper in the country has the same front page story at the museum, the daily. all had very, very similar election headlines. the display shows 60 front pages from around the country and another 80 on the display inside. president obama signed, sealed and delivered the victory managing a close, but decisive win over massachusetts governor, mitt romney. picking up the key battleground
11:56 am
states including virginia, he made a victory speech alongside his family who got a shout-out during the big speech. >> sasha and malia, before our very eyes, you are growing up to become two strong, smart, beautiful young women just like your mom. michelle, i have never loved you more. i have never been prouder to watch the rest of america fall in love with you, too, as our nation's first lady. >> the president joked with his daughters that they won't be getting another dog. it goes back to his victory speech in 2008. let's take a look at the stories we are following this afternoon. >> let's do it. pat lawson muse joins us with a look at what's coming. >> bo doesn't get a companion. coming up, he spent years running for the white house. now what?
11:57 am
what's next for mitt romney after last night's election. plus, legalizing marijuana. the major changes coming to other parts of the country. we'll have those stories and the latest on the weather headed our way. back to you. >> thank you. thank you, pat. one more election note. you can hear from tim kaine at noon by going to kaine won jim webb's senate seat last night. he defeated george allen. again, that's time for a final check on the forecast. >> looking at the radar, snow in new jersey up from new england. there's rain on the eastern shore. some of the moisture may get close enough to the metro area to give us a little bit of a wet snow later this afternoon. right now, temperatures above freezing. low to mid-40s. temperatures stay above freezing. any wet snow that falls this afternoon is going to melt on roadways. maybe a dusting on grassy areas
11:58 am
and melting by dawn tomorrow. we stay above freezing all night. winds 25 to 30 miles per hour as we dry out on thursday. a nice pattern on friday through the weekend and into veterans day observed. rain tuesday. doug and veronica will be here this afternoon to keep you posted. stay tuned. >> that's news 4 midday. thanks for joining us. tune in at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 for all the news. >> we'll be back tomorrow for news 4 midday. until then, have a terrific day. see you
11:59 am

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